New Season, Who Dis?

Summer hair, winter coats, spring dresses and fall lipstick. These things have one thing in common: Women buy them every year as part of our quarterly makeover plan. At one point in time I thought I was the only girl on the planet who felt compelled to switch up my hair for summer or buy a new pair of boots for fall because my last year boots no longer go with the “new me” look.

After a brief lunch with some coworkers, I quickly concluded that 99.9% of women feel like they need a complete makeover as soon as the clocks fall back or spring forward. This concept of throwing highlights in our hair from April to September because “It’s summer” is hilarious to me. It makes me laugh because men walk around with the same haircut they’ve had since high school and to top it all off, many of them wear the same pants year-round! I doubt they have ever sat around at a brunch table and discussed how they want to look for summer. Their brunches seem a bit boring if you ask me!

I love the fact that every woman has a screenshot in their phone of the hairstyle or a dress that they are going to wear to a specific function months down the line. It further proves that we are planners. We know we want to be extra beautiful that day or that season so we start to prepare ourselves months, weeks, even years in advance. Think about it, how many of our friends get engaged and immediately start going to the gym? I’ve seen women chop their hair off so that they could grow it back natural and rock a full on, curly, TWA on their wedding day.

Our dedication is REAL!!

For me, as soon as March first comes, I immediately go into “transformation nation” mode. I literally hit the gym 4 times a week, switch up my hair and go on a shopping spree because I know I want to feel and look my best all summer long.

I can’t wait to see everyone’s 2019 summer look. I have a feeling neon colored dresses, nude lips and soft wavy hair is about to be a thing. I guess we will have to see, won’t we?