“All the women who Independent, throw yo’ hands up at me!”  Destiny’s Child said it best. Gone are the days where women are lying helplessly in a bed waiting for Prince Charming give her the kiss that will wake her up. We are in a time where women are WOKE! What a time to be alive! That’s right. Women are out her being all educated, financially stable, in shape and fashionable.

For me, as a single woman I feel like we are finally getting the kudos we deserve. Even the media is taking note that we are no longer victims. We are victors.

I see strong female characters in film now too. From the Captain Marvel super hero to Adelaide from the movie US, both depict strong female leads who kick butt and take names. I must say that I am one hundred percent here for this estrogen driven moment in time and I hope it lasts. Every time I think we are doing too much, Tracee Ellis Ross comes through with a good coat and a slightly humorous message that black girls rock. I have realized that this newly accepted empowerment has left no room for error for the male species though.

It is truly making them step up or step off. It’s been refreshing. The only downside to this new woman wear capes movement is the slight addiction to being independent. The other day as I was out with some girlfriends of mine, we all talked about the projects we were working on, new business ventures and the weight we’ve lost but when it came to dating, the general consensus was: we were all too busy and slightly unbothered.  So, how independent is too independent? I think there must be balance.

Sometimes I get so excited about my business/ education life that I forget the joys of healthy partnership. I quickly forget that having a crush on the person you’re dating is fun and can be equally as exciting as getting a promotion. Although It is great to be able to buy all the fancy clothes that my heart desires, I think it is time to put on those fancy clothes and let a nice tall, chocolate, sensible man take me out on a date. I don’t think there is anything wrong with being a go getter but for all the women who are working hard and focusing on being the best you, don’t be afraid to let someone take the best you out for ice cream. Balance, baby girl.

Independence is beautiful but don’t neglect the beauty of companionship. This is a note to self and a note to you.