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D'Clazzique offers the most diverse and longest lasting selection of protective hairstyle options. Our textured unprocessed luxury human hair extensions and wigs provide reliable and undetectable wear for women with Afro kinky, kinky-curly and straight hair textures. Our company offers clip-ins, frontals, sew-ins, bulk hair and closures. Our customers can rely on high quality hair extensions at a modest price.

Everything we do is for you! Our goal is to offer the best products, service, and overall experience when you shop with us.



D’Clazzique was founded by Dr. DaShaunda Turner with the whole woman in mind.  She believes that self-love is essential to every woman’s success.  Women face so many challenges that negatively effects how they feel about themselves and it permeates throughout their daily lives.  Women constantly undergo verbal abuse, sexual abuse, degrading remarks about our bodies, and the list goes on.  Simply changing our outer appearance such as adding hair color or extensions does not alleviate these issues.  However, Dr. Turner believes that sometimes enhancing the outer appearance encourages one to work on the inner beauty, and eventually the “whole woman.”

Dr. Turner has her own story of conquering low self-esteem brought on through failed relationships, criticism, and rejection that left her feeling not attractive enough, not smart enough, not good enough.  Despite feeling broken and defeated, Dr. Turner believed that so long that one lives, they should always find a way to overcome and establish a better situation for themselves.  “There were so many times I felt like giving up. In those times, I would put on my nicest clothes, some banging’ shoes, and throw on a wig or add extensions, and face the world.  Often people saw me well put together and had no idea that I was hurting and really scared.  However, the consistent compliments received about my outer appearance built me up enough to face myself and embrace my true beauty; my gift; my purpose.  I finally understood who I was and gained the confidence to accept myself and understand that it is okay to be unique.  I can exude grace and class and love myself enough to be comfortable along with the “edgy” and “jazzy” side of me as well!  I love myself until now I will not allow those negative situations I encountered in the past, win today.  My love for myself drives me to do what’s necessary to upkeep my physical, mental, and spiritual being.  That same love for self extends to others every day.

It is Dr. Turner’s desire to continue to inspire, encourage, and empower women to rise above the “knock-downs” of life and be their classy and jazzy selves.  D’Clazzique’s luxury hair extensions and products is a wonderful addition to your beauty collection.  We believe when you look good, you feel good; and when you feel good, you do good.